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Thank you for visiting My purpose here is to explain the geology that formed North Dakota’s landscape. I hope you will share your thoughts and questions about North Dakota geology, the photo scenes, and the discussions included on this website.

Nearly all of the photos I’ve included in this website were chosen because they illustrate geologic features, processes, etc. If you wish to use any of the photos or narrative material from, please observe the following guidelines.

  1. If you wish to post one or two photos from, to accompany an article, blog, or other short-form online media, please include credit, either in a caption or somewhere in the body of the piece, as “courtesy of,” linked back to my website. You do not need to ask permission (with the exception of certain contributor photos – see #2). If you want to use more than one or two photos, please contact me.
  2. I took most of the photographs included in, but some were taken by contributors (noted as such) and I cannot grant permission for usage of contributor photos. Contributor photos should not be used as third-party content without first gaining permission of the photographer. Still another category of images are those labeled as scans. Most such images are scans I took and are part of the slide collection of the North Dakota Geological Survey. These images are in the public domain and may be used freely.
  3. For print or broadcast purposes, please contact me to obtain permission to use material included in this website. I may be able to furnish higher-quality copies for your needs.
  4. Removal of watermarks, visible or embedded, is forbidden. If appropriate, I can furnish copies of photos without water marks.

The above guidelines are consistent with intellectual property laws and Fair Use Doctrine. Failure to follow these guidelines is a violation of copyright law.

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